Artist's interpretation of article headline
Artist's interpretation of article headline

 We invent medical devices

   We invent new devices for biomedical application such as cancer    detection using quantitative ultrasound

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 We explore manufacturing  processes

   We design new manufacturing processes and also study and    optimize current manufacturing process for scalable and    sustainable manufacturing.


 We invent and innovate

   Example patents granted by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

   Mechanical properties testing device and method Read More

   Mechanical test fixture with submicron tolerance Read More

Artist's interpretation of article headline
Artist's interpretation of article headline

 We evaluate mechanical  behavior of materials

   Both experimental and computational research is conducted from    nanoscale to bulkscale.

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 We study the microstructure of  materials

   We investigate and relate the mechanical behavior to the    microstructure of materials.

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 We train and educate

   Our training spans for K-12 to graduate level. The lab is actively    working to outreach and educate K-12, undergraduates and    minority students.

Manufacturing Innovation and Catalysis Center

MAGIC center is a joint center in between the University of Texas at Arlington Research Center (UTARI), Institute for Predictive Performance Methodologies (IPPM) and Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department at UTA. The focus of the center is integrating different scales of manufacturing to invent new methods for scalable manufacturing. We develop manufacturing techniques at nano/micro to bulk level using additive and subtractive techniques. We utilize many different engineering methods in order to evaluate these ideas from multi-physics and multi-scale computational techniques to multi-scale mechanical characterization. We also manufacture micro-nano-scale smart devices and materials using smart and functional materials.

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Latest Updates

April 2019
  • Congratulation to Garrison for winning the third place for the Best Poster Presentation in Innovation Day 2019 poster competition.
  • MAGIC center is proud to announce that Dr. Leila Ladani and her team has won the second place for the Best Paper award for their research paper on High-frequency ultrasound analysis of soft tissue characterization at TMS 2019 conference proceedings.
August 2018
  • Sunil Shanmugasundaram completed a summer of I-Engage program. According to him, this research project, focused on additive manufacturing (EBM), was not only enlightening but also exciting since it incorporated vast technical knowledge as well as practical hands-on experience to complement it. His research portfolio can be found here.
  • New equipment enhances the capabilities of MAGIC lab and UTARI facility. The new CVD machine will enable manufacturing of 2D materials.
April 2018
  • Congratulations to Shiuan Chiang for defending his thesis successfully.
August 2017
  • Dr. Ladani is one of 60 people worldwide invited to the 2017 National Academy of Engineers Symposium. Read the story here.
  • Dr. Ladani’s research in additive manufacturing of Inconel 718 to be published in the November volume of Finite Elements in Analysis and Design. Read the paper here.
April 2017
  • Dr. Ladani’s research in fabrication of CNT-metal composites published in Materials Communication Today. Read the paper here.
February 2017
  • We are always hiring PhD graduate research assistants in our research group. Students with a strong background in engineering are encouraged to apply. The preferred qualification include B.S. in Engineering, Physics or Chemistry and preferably with M.S. The students will work on projects spanning over a wide range of topics including manufacturing and computational and experimental mechanics. Please send your transcript and CV to
January 2017
  • Dr. Ladani's research in additive manufacturing will be published in the Journal of Additive Manufacturing. Read the paper here.
December 2016
  • Dr. Ladani is featured in an article published by The Shorthorn. Read the article here.
September 2016
  • Dr. Leila Ladani joins the University of Texas at Arlington and the University of Texas at Arlington Research Institute (UTARI). She will be performing research along with other leading scientists in the field.