MAGIC Center Director
Dr. Leila Ladani
The University of Texas at Arlington Research Institute (UTARI), Room 303
7300 Jack Newell Blvd S,
Fort Worth, TX 76118
Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Lead Scientist, UTARI, Institute for Predictive Performance Methodologies
Affiliated Professor, BioEngineering Department
Affiliated Professor, Materials Science and Engineering Department
University of Texas at Arlington

PhD, Mechanical Engineering, Solid Mechanics,
University of Maryland, 2007
M.S., Mechanical Engineering, Solid Mechanics,
University of Maryland, 2005
M.S., Mechanical Engineering, Heat and Fluid Mechanics, 
Isfahan University of Technology, 2001
B.S., Mechanical Engineering,
Isfahan University of Technology, 1999

Current Members

Koushik Paul

Graduate Student

  Koushik is a graduate student pursuing PhD degree in Mechanical Engineering. He is currently conducting research on high-frequency ultrasound analysis to determine soft tissue microstructure/pathology. He is also working on the design of biomedical forceps.

Faiyaz Ahsan

Graduate Student

  Faiyaz Ahsan is a Graduate Student pursuing a PhD Degree in Mechanical Engineering. His Research Interest Includes Multi-scale Manufacturing and Additive Manufacturing. He is currently doing simulation on Additive Manufacturing. He is also working on Investigation of the microstructure of Additively Manufactured Parts.

Md Jamal Mian

Ph.D. Student

  Jamal is a graduate student pursuing a PhD degree in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Texas at Arlington. His current research work includes elevated temperature characterization of Ti6Al4V parts built using electron beam melting technology. Some of his previous works include molecular dynamics simulation of thermal transport of various semiconductor materials.

Jordan Miller

Undergraduate Student

  Jordan is a Mechanical Engineering undergraduate. She is working on design and fabrication of novel materails for applications such as fuel cells.

Jorge Fernandez Losada

Undergraduate Student

  Jorge is an undergraduate student working under Dr. Ladani while he completes his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering at UTA. Currently he is assisting PhD Student Koushik by working on the design for biomedical forceps. Once he graduates, he plans on getting a masters degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Garrison Frost

Undergraduate Student

  Garrison is an undergraduate in the Aerospace Engineering program of UT Arlington. He will be working on micro/nanofabrication, and the development of seed layer for electrodeposition of copper.

Sunil Aravind Shanmugasundaram

Undergraduate Student

  Sunil Aravind is an Undergraduate student pursuing Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering. His research project is focused on the study of microstructures, and surface roughness and their effects on the mechanical properties of Electron Beam Melting produced Ti-6Al-4V parts.

Bijan Niakan

Undergraduate Student

  Bijan is a Mechanical Engineering undergraduate student researching on the development of high strength and high electrical conductive Cu and Al alloys for applications such as railguns.

Past Members


Dr. Ousama Abdelhadi         Dr. Andrew Magee              Dr. Soud Choudhury              Dr. Ibrahim Awad               Dr. Jeremy Stromer
               2012                                      2014                                        2016                                        2016                                       2016


   Shiuan-Duo Chiang            James Gyllenskog                  Steve Nelson                    Omar Rodriguez                   Lorin Stevens                 

      Kanchan Trivedi                       Lalit Roy                           Evan Harvey                     Magda Sadowski                  Christian Barr                   

       John Romano                    Andrew Magee               Richard Andreotta


    Seungyoon Lee                 Lauren Savage                    Zakia Ahmed                      Bhuwan KC                      Justin Battles                   

      Jeremy Brine                 Samantha Brown               Emma Whitaker               Roger Rozanski                 Daniel Preston                 

     Sarah Johnson                   Jordan Bentley                  Kelsey Terry                   Alexis Papadelias              Andrew Feazell                 

     Justin Watters                Thomas Brainerd                   David Kilgo                      Brittney Ellison             Samantha Brantley               

    Jason Carter                       Kiomarys Toro                 Magda Sadowski               Crystal Frazier                   Andrew Magee

Visiting Researchers

     Ahmed Korba            Ali KeshawarzeKermani              Ariel Jacob                       Kirthika Suresh                 

    Trupti Gosavi                Michael Difrancesco             Virginia Faustini                   

     David Benson              Nickolas Clements              Ruth Williams                    Nickolay Kolev                  Erik Denlinger

Everett Miller-Smith