U.T. ARLINGTON CALCULUS I       LAB I.7           (Last revision April 2004.)
To understand and appreciate the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus.
This lab is a long one, so allow enough time for it. In case you have to leave the lab before you have finished it, use a floppy disk for saving your work. You might find the process of saving your work faster if you delete the reproduceable pictures and reproduceable graphs first before you attempt to save the lab.
You will answer questions in the Mathematica document itself, so you should be given instructions by your instructor as to the format of the material to be turned in for grading. (E.g., print-outs or handwritten, etc.) Ask your instructor, if you are unclear as to the requirements.

This lab consists of a Mathematica notebook document, whose web address is given below. You should save that website (document) to the desktop (or to your disk) and make sure you name it with a name that is user-friendly for you and ends in .nb . Once saved successfully, quit your browser.
To start Mathematica, double-click on your saved file's icon. If everything has worked correctly, the file that you open should have a magenta-colored title at the top. There are instructions in the file as to how to continue.

The site is:

http://www.uta.edu/math/Calculus/calc1-lab7.nb.         (save to desktop using yourname.nb)