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Testing and Exam Schedule

Test and Midterm Exam Schedule

For Accelerated Online Program (AOP) sections and any other sections not specifically listed, please consult your instructor and syllabus/schedule.

Final Exam Schedule

Departmental (MATH) Exam Schedule

Exam Review Schedule

There are exam reviews for 1301, 1302, 1308, and 1421 which are hosted by various Math Student Organizations. The Exam Review Schedule will be posted when available. Entrance fee is $5, cash only which goes to the fundraiser for the Student Organizations hosting the reviews.

Please Note

All exams listed above will take place in Pickard Hall, room 308 or 313. Also, the lab door closes 15min after start times for all tests and exams. Once the door is closed you will not be allowed in the lab. If you miss an exam, please contact your instructor.