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The University of Texas at Arlington.
Center for Numerical Simulation and Modeling (CNSM)
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Dear Friend:

Welcome to the web page of the Center for Numerical Simulation and Modeling at the University of Texas at Arlington.

The Center for Numerical Simulation and Modeling (CNSM) at the University of Texas at Arlington is an interdisciplinary research group composed of faculty members from Mathematics, Statistics, Biology, Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering and other Departments.

The NSM Center uses resources to develop a nationally and internationally recognized center for world-class research, technology transfer, and innovative opportunities for higher education.

The Center has actively encouraged world-class research on many challenging problems, such as high-order shock capturing scheme, adaptive grid generation, multigrid, parallelization, direct numerical simulation (DNS) and large eddy simulation (LES) for flow transition, turbulence, cooling, combustion, chemical processing, design optimization, and environmental protection.

The Center also provides scientific and high-tech services to NASA, Air Force, Navy, US industries and universities.

The NSM Center is currently supported by several Federal governmental agencies including NASA, Air Force, and Navy through research grants.

The Center has wide collaborations with US government research labs including NASA Langley Research Center, Air Force Wright-Patterson AFB, and Navy David Taylor Research Center.

The Center also has broad joint research with and provides high-quality service to Nationwide and local US industries including Rockwell International, HyperComp, Lockheed-Martin, Bell Helicopter, etc.

The Center currently receive an annual support of around $400,000 from US governmental funding agencies and US industries.

The NSM center is actively involved in a very strong PhD Program in Applied Mathematics in order to meet very positive job market needs from US industries.

Your interest in our research is highly appreciated.


Chaoqun Liu, PhD

Professor and Director

Center for Numerical Simulation and Modeling


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