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MATH 1302 - College Algebra

Greetings College Algebra students! Here you will find a variety of information concerning your course. Feel free to bookmark this page as a future resource.

Course Description

This course is designed as preparation for higher level mathematics courses. Topics include the study of linear, quadratic, polynomial, rational, radical absolute value, logarithmic, and exponential functions, relations and inequalities; graphs, basic characteristics, and operations on functions; real and complex zeros of functions; graphing techniques; systems of equations and matrices. This is material that will provide a firm foundation for a variety of future courses as well as teach you critical thinking and processing skills. Our purpose is to help make you successful in all degree fields!

The use of mathematical software and calculators is required. See course syllabus for more details. Non-STEM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Mathematics) majors should enroll in MATH 1301, and Business majors should enroll in MATH 1315. Credit may be received for only one of MATH 1301, MATH 1302, or MATH 1315.

Test and Final Exam Schedules

Please visit the test schedule page to view your course's respective test schedule and the Math LRC final exam schedule.

Approved Calculators for Use

The list of approved calculators for use on exams is as follows:
  • Scientific Calculators
    • Canon
      • F-604
      • F-710
    • Casio
      • FX-82M-S
      • FX-85M-S
      • FX-260SLR
    • Sharp
      • EL-501X
      • EL-531X
    • Texas Instruments
      • TI-30X IIB
      • TI-30X IIS
      • TI-30Xa
      • TI-30XS
While the policy does not prohibit you from using an alternate calculator on homework and quizzes, the Math LRC highly recommends using on a regular basis the same calculator you will be utilizing on exams so as to increase your familiarity with its function.