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During each scheduled class period, we strive to have one undergraduate tutor for approximately every 20 students. These tutors are skilled in mathematics and assured in their abilities to help you. There is also one mathematics graduate student present in each class as an additional resource.

If you would like to be considered for a Math LRC Tutor position in an upcoming semester, please complete and submit an LRC Tutor Application. For best results, use the Save & Submit button at the end of the application to save a local copy with your name in the filename and automatically email the completed application to us.

Please note we have filled all available positions for the current semester, but you are still welcome to apply. We will keep your application on file for consideration in future semesters.

Feel free to peruse our tutor bio's to get to know them better.

Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTA's)

[Photo] Keynee

I'm a first year graduate student in the mathematics department. I began to love mathematics in my undergraduate education and decided to continue my education after graduating. While getting my undergraduate degree, I began to work as a tutor and found that I really enjoy helping others understand the subject that I've come to love. I like to crochet, watch anime, read books and manga, and listen to different genres of music. See you in the Emporium!

[Photo] John

I have a Masterís degree in Pure Mathematics from the University of Texas - Rio Grande Valley and a Bachelorís of Science in Pure Mathematics from the same institution. I am CRLA level II certified tutor and I have tutored many students professionally from Developmental Math to Differential Equations over the course of the last 5 years. I am currently working towards a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics.

[Photo] Justine

I have always been passionate about numbers and knowing how to apply them to the business world. This is why I got my undergrad in Actuarial science. I am now working toward getting a PhD in mathematics. In my spare time, I like to sing with my musical group or spend time with my friends inventing our own casserole recipe.

[Photo] Izzet

I was born and raised in Izmir, Turkey and thus am bilingual. My first language was Turkish, and the second acquired language was English. I am still working on that second one. I have been in Texas with my family (my wife and my son(1 year old) for three years. While in college I was able to participate in a couple of unique learning experiences that really challenged my assumptions about education. I had tutoring experience with undergraduate students for two years. After I finished my undergraduate studies from Kocaeli University in Turkey, I was accepted into the applied math program as a master student. Because my studying team consisted of physics professors and applied mathematics professors, I could better understand the relations between the most complex theorems and their applications. After my master degree, I decided to study abroad since the conditions to contribute to my future career in Turkey were very poor. Right now, I have been a PhD student at UT Arlington for three years. I have finished all my core courses and I have started the researching.

[Photo] Nilgun

This is my first semester at UTA. I finished my undergraduate degree in Turkey in applied math. I also finished my master degree in math in education (MAT) and math in science (MS) when I moved to the United States. I have many teaching experiences in different colleges. I am in the PhD program right now. In my free time I enjoy watching documentaries and reading nonfiction books. I hope we all have a great semester!

[Photo] Wenqing

I come from the southern part of China and this is my first year in my B.S.-Ph.D. program here. My major is Statistics and I enjoy helping others in Mathematics. Also, I like painting and listening to music.

Math LRC Lab Assistants

[Photo] Raymond

My major is civil engineering and I am a junior. I like to play tennis and ping pong.

[Photo] Brianna

My major is Biology. My life goal is to work in health care. I am a Dallas native. I have a very chill personality, a little shy when you first get to know me. I love going to the MAC to exercise and volunteering at Mission Arlington in my spare time. I'm very friendly, so feel free to talk with me at any time.

[Photo] Kouame

I am doing my bachelor degree in electrical engineering at UT Arlington. I started working in the Math Emporium in the Fall of 2016. I was born and raised in Ivory Coast (West Africa). I came in the US to continue my studies and get a valuable degree. My expected graduation date is Fall 2018.

[Photo] Alan

I have a passion for Mathematics that is rivaled only by my passion for educating, which is why I have decided to major in Mathematics. Also, I enjoy stargazing and reading.

[Photo] Cedric

Ever since I was young, I always wanted to help people. My major is Mechanical Engineering. I enjoy playing soccer and bowling. I love working with numbers and the math emporium is a great place to work with students. I look forward to seeing and helping you!

[Photo] Sneha

I completed my high school in India and moved to the states for my higher education. I am currently in my junior year working on my bachelorsí degree in Computer Science with a minor in Business Administration and Mathematics. Before working at Math Emporium, I worked as a Teaching Assistant for an engineering problem-solving class, which also covered Math lab. My goal when tutoring is to help students achieve academic success as well as increase their confidence and competence of the subject. I believe that practice and preparation are essential tools in learning and becoming a better, more confident student. I have also mentored high school students through Rotary International and AISD. I would like to pursue a masterís degree in Data Science or Data Analytics after I complete my bachelorís degree. Cheesecakes and dogs are two things that help me survive the semester as well as life. I am passionate about traveling, exploring cultures and food. In my free time, I like to hit the gym, play video games or cook.

[Photo] Ira

I am from India. I have always loved doing math, and that is why I am a math major. I am specifically majoring in actuarial science and aspire to become an actuary. I really love animals so I do not use leather, silk, and any other animal products. I am a vegetarian (not vegan! Because I love cheese and chocolate) and I like singing. I have a diploma in Indian classical vocal music and I started learning western music after I came to the USA which was in fall 2015. I love eating and cooking Indian food. I usually go back to India every summer where my family spoils me with food and love. I also have two dogs back at home whom I miss the most living here. Both of them are Pomeranian and they are super cute.

[Photo] Christin

I am a junior majoring in math in the UTeach program, also minoring in Chinese.

[Photo] Stephanie

I have been working at the math lab for 3 years, and once I graduate I want to teach mathematics in middle/high school in D/FW area.

[Photo] Tony

I am a graduate student in Electrical Engineering. My areas of interest are power systems, control systems, and renewable energy/vehicular technology. I am also a powerlifter and Xbox gamer.

[Photo] Rohan

I am a Computer Science major. I enjoy solving problems related to Math or problems that require logical reasoning. I like meeting and interacting with new people, watching movies, and following sports.

[Photo] Dharini

I am currently pursuing a Masters in Mathematics with Statistics Specialization. I believe that math is not only an everyday life hack tool, but also a language to understand our Universe. I wish for everyone to appreciate Math the same way. I am also passionate about animals and the environment. I enjoy reading and dreaming.