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Mathematically Aligned Vertical Strands (MAVS)
Connecting Mathematics Research, Pedagogy and Outreach
for Gk-12 Fellows and Teachers

GK-12 MAVS Outreach Component

Promoting outreach activities complementing the scope of the MAVS fellows’ work in the schools.

University of Texas at Arlington Annual Calculus Bowl http://www.uta.edu/math/calcbowl/

To further expand the graduate fellows' leadership development, they take part in outreach activities at UT Arlington. One of the events in which the GK-12 Fellows volunteer is the Math Department’s Annual Calculus Bowl under the leadership of Math Department Associate Professor, Dr. Hristo Kojouharov (hristo@uta.edu, 817-272-5763). This event is in its 10th year and has successfully attracted as many as 30 high school teams. The event is open to all high school teams with no registration fee.

Teams of five students each from Texas high schools come to the UTA campus to compete in a fast paced lively playoff game based on multiple-choice pre-calculus and calculus questions displayed one-at-a-time via a computer projection system.

Teams gather early in the day to take tours of the campus and to attend other free events such as Matheatre’s "Calculus: The Musical!" or the University of Texas at Arlington Planetarium show. During the play-off rounds, students are treated to pizza and soft drinks while they gather to further develop their winning strategies. All high school participants receive a free UT Arlington Calculus Bowl T-Shirt along with other items provided by our annual sponsor, Pearson Education: http://www.pearsoneducation.com

 A new addition to our competition is the Team Spirit Outfit Contest resulting from students arriving at the event dressed in theme costumes.  Who knew math could be so much fun?

Winning teams and photos: http://www.uta.edu/math/calcbowl/allresults.html

Registration link: http://www.uta.edu/math/calcbowl/onlineapplicationform.php

GK-12 Fellows take an active role in this event by volunteering as promoters, score-keepers, runners, photographers, etc.