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Mathematically Aligned Vertical Strands (MAVS)
Connecting Mathematics Research, Pedagogy and Outreach
for Gk-12 Fellows and Teachers


GK-12 MAVS Outreach Component

Promoting outreach activities complementing the scope of the GK-12 MAVS fellows’ work in the schools.

To further expand the graduate fellows' leadership development, they take part in outreach activities at the University of Texas at Arlington.  In total, these outreach activities comprise approximately three school contact hours per month for each GK-12 MAVS fellow. Moreover, MAVS fellows sharpen their own mentoring skills as they work with eager high school students. 

As part of the GK-12 MAVS Outreach Component the GK-12 MAVS Fellows volunteer at The Math and Science Retreat for Riverside Middle SchoolThe goal of the Math and Science Retreat is to involve the middle school students in some mathematics and science activities, increase their interests in mathematics and science, to encourage them to study mathematics and science at higher levels, to show them the importance of mathematics and science, and to encourage them to attend college after graduating from high school.

 The UTA Mathematics Department, the UTA College of Science, the UTA Fort Worth Center, the Rotary Club of Fort Worth, and the Riverside Middle School  jointly organized a Math and Science Retreat for 110 eighth grade students and 10 teachers from the Riverside Middle School of Fort Worth Independent School District. The Math and Science Retreat took place Wednesday, February 10, 2010.

GK-12 MAVS Fellows volunteer as helpers in this effort under the direction of Math Professor and GK-12 MAVS Program Co-Principal Investigator, Dr.  Tuncay Aktosun.