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Mathematically Aligned Vertical Strands (MAVS)
Connecting Mathematics Research, Pedagogy and Outreach
for Gk-12 Fellows and Teachers

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GK-12 MAVS Outreach Component

Promoting outreach activities complementing the scope of the MAVS fellows’ work in the schools.

To further expand the graduate fellows' leadership development they take part in outreach activities at Sam Houston High School (SHHS) independent of their mentor teachers.  In total, these outreach activities comprise approximately three school contact hours per month for each MAVS fellow. Moreover, MAVS fellows sharpen their own mentoring skills as they work with eager high school students.  

The initial cohort of graduate fellows established the SHHS Math Club by recruiting student members and targeting twice monthly meetings during 2010.  Kristen Beck, 2009-2010 GK-12 Fellow, took on the leadership role by preparing, advertising and conducting activities.  Other SHHS GK-12 Fellows assisted her during the Math Club meetings.  In addition to hands-on activities the GK-12 Fellows were able to connect with the students on a one-to-one basis regarding college life, their individual experiences, struggles and successes.

The goal of the Math Club is to further stimulate interest in mathematics while providing insider knowledge for students about being successful in college. For students historically underrepresented in the mathematics-based disciplines this type of interaction is essential (Epperson, 1999).



SHHS Math Club activities planned for year two are: