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A more artistic version    And...consider this view..    Building a Finite Projective Plane    Can you be sure..    Consider this View..   Illusions

K.Aman connects lesson to his research    K.Aman,GK-12 Fellow, and his Research Advisor,  Dr. Minerva Cordero, discuss the Lesson12.13 001    K.AmanClassLesson12.13 011    K.AmanClassLesson12.13 014    Mentor Teacher,Mr. Vdler takes time to work with his students. ClassLessonOne12.13 002   Patterns

       Well...let's think about that..     What is a vanishing point

       A game makes everything more fun in Ms. Thrift's classroom    Iris Alvarado in the classroom with Jenna Thrift    

       Math and Science...the perfect team   Mentor Teacher Jenna Thrift    

       New Research Vocabulary   Research Lesson...a group effort

      Dr. Minerva Cordero assists    Individualized help...it's awesome    

      Ms. Caston helps her students to understand ratios    Ms. Gauntt created a wave machine to help students understand her research

      Ratios and real waves    Sarah Gauntt in the classroom of Mentor Teacher Kristy Caston



           Aces      march


                    Scot    tran





         Owens       yancey


         ander  looney  inter



                                DC          Ment


                              DC                DC


                                 Aces              fellow









         math club