UTA Department of Mathematics

Applied Mathematics Seminar

Date/Time/Room: Friday (10/25/2002) at 2:00pm in 110 Pickard Hall

Speaker: George S. Dulikravich, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, University of Texas at Arlington

``Electro-Magneto-Fluid-Dynamics (EMFD): Theory and Simulation''

Abstract: Fluid flow influenced by electric and magnetic fields has classically been divided into two separate fields of study: electro-hydrodynamics (EHD) studying fluid flows containing electric charges under the influence of an electric field and no magnetic field, and magneto-hydrodynamics (MHD) studying fluid flows containing no free electric charges under the influence of a magnetic field and no electric field. Traditionally, this division was necessary to reduce the extreme complexity of the coupled system of Navier-Stokes, Maxwell’s and constitutive equations describing combined electro-magneto-hydrodynamic flows. Recent advances in numerical techniques and computing technology, as well as fully rigorous theoretical treatments, have made analysis of combined electro-magneto-hydrodynamic flows well within reach. A survey of the theory describing combined electro-magneto-fluid-dynamic (EMFD) flows is presented with an emphasis on describing the intricacies of the mathematical models and the corresponding boundary conditions for fluid flows involving polarization and magnetization. This presentation concludes with examples of computed EHD and MHD flows involving solidification and suggests possibilities of active control of EMFD.