Special Seminar on Bioinformatics

Date/Time/Room: Wednesday (5/2/2001) at 2:00pm in 114 CRB

Speaker: Hwa Lim, Chairperson & CEO, D-Trends, Inc.

``Pathways of Bioinformatics: From Data to Diseases''

Abstract: In the past two years, it has become clear that life science industries are changing the paradigm of new product R&D from chemistry to biology. This is mainly due to: Unsatisfactory old discovery methods to support a sustainable product development pipeline, and Rapid development of high-throughput biology. The latter is commonly believed to have fundamentally changed the nature of biological research, shifting the focus from wet lab to computer analysis of the exponentially growing biological data. The novel and fast-moving field of bioinformatics is evolving to make biological sense by translating these data into dollar value for life science businesses. In this lecture, we will take a cursory excursion to see how this new biology has already pervasively impacted major life science applications, all the way from data generation, array technology, proteomics, to diseases pathways. It is not a trivial task to forecast the potential scientific and business applications of high throughput biology. However, a mainstream trend of immediate applicability is rather clear: identification of functions (functional genomics), proteomics, and the correlation between biological phenotypes with DNA sequence. More specifically, the major race in the field is in understanding the genetic basis of major chronic diseases. Both big pharmaceutical and biotech researchers care about two major questions: What genes are specifically related to the disease and how they are connected in disease pathways or network? What genetic changes in the relevant healthy genes lead to the disease development? Fundamentally, the economic value of this knowledge will be realized in Anonymous (both clinical and stand alone) genetic tests for the general population and The ability to alter and correct the affected genes in adults and embryos in a few leading hospitals. In agriculture, the major applications are in facilitating plant and animal breeding by direct incorporation of genes and pathways relevant for desirable traits into the genomes.

Books in preparation:
Hwa A. Lim (ed.), Pathways of Bioinformatics: From data to diseases, (Henry Stewart Publishers, London), in preparation, February 2002.
Hwa A. Lim, Genetically Yours: Bioinforming, biopharming, and biofarming, (World Scientific Publishing Co., New Jersey), in revision, 2001.

*Refreshments are served at 1:30 pm in 114 Chemistry Research Building.