UTA Department of Mathematics

Applied Mathematics Seminar

Date/Time/Room: Friday (11/18/2005) at 2:00pm in 304 Pickard Hall

Speaker: Dr. Matthew A. Lewis, Assistant Professor
Department of Radiology, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas

"Current Biomedical Imaging Modalities and Their Mathematical Issues"

Abstract: Advanced imaging techniques have already revolutionized medicine, and now they are poised to change dramatically pharmaceutical development as we enter the genomic era. With much research work being done in small animal models of human disease, a significant portion of development in the past 10 years has gone into research instrumentation with resolution and sensitivity criteria that can be quite different from clinical systems. After introducing both optical and nuclear medicine modalities in the context of molecular imaging, we will explore the open problems for imaging in these areas. In addition, other areas of active imaging research at UT Southwestern will be highlighted in the context of interactions between the applied mathematics, physics, and imaging communtities.