UTA Department of Mathematics

Mathematics and Statistics Colloquium

Date/Time/Room: Monday (1/26/2005) at 2:30pm in 304 Pickard Hall

Speaker: Dr. Dalin Tang
John E. Sinclair Professor of Mathematics and Professor of Biomedical Engineering
WPI Mathematical Sciences Department, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

"Mathematical Modeling of Biological Systems for Clinical Predictions"

Abstract: Accurate and reliable computational predictions for biological systems must be based on
a) accurate experimental measurements;
b) reliable modeling;
c) well-chosen and sufficiently validated risk indicators (biological and mechanical markers).
For arterial diseases, experimental measurements include vessel morphology, material properties, and flow information. Models for blood flow in diseased arteries have evolved from 1-D model, 2D and 3D models, to our recently introduced 3D multi-component models with fluid-structure interactions based on anatomically-accurate geometries of human atherosclerotic plaques. Results from different models can differ considerably (difference can be from 50% to more than 800%) so proper bench mark should be set so that accurate and reliable predictions can be made using computational models.

Results from our 3D MRI-based FSI models for atherosclerotic plaques will be presented. In particular, a computational scheme to derive computational plaque vulnerability index (CPVI) based on histopathological analysis will be presented. CPVI has the potential to be used as a plaque rupture risk indicator which can be monitored non-invasively and used to make predictions for possible stroke and heart attack.