UTA Department of Mathematics

Metroplex Algebraic Geometry, Algebra and Number Theory (AGANT) Seminar,
a joint venture of   UNT,   UTA   and   TCU

Date/Time/Room: Friday (4/17/2009) at 4:00 pm in 304 Pickard Hall

Speaker: Dr. Martin Malandro, Assistant Professor,
Department of Mathematics & Statistics, Sam Houston State University.

"Fast Fourier Transforms for Inverse Semigroups"

Abstract: The classical fast discrete Fourier transform has found a wealth of applications ranging from seismic analysis to the fast multiplication of large numbers. There is a general theory of Fourier transforms for finite groups, in which the Fourier transform on the cyclic group of order n is the classical Fourier transform. In this talk we will generalize the notion of the Fourier transform to finite inverse semigroups (which are group-like objects that capture local symmetries) and provide a general framework for constructing fast Fourier transforms on these objects. We will also discuss fast Fourier transforms for specific inverse semigroups of interest and potential applications. We will proceed from a representation-theoretic point of view and emphasize the algebra involved in the construction of these algorithms.

This talk should be accessible to graduate students with an interest in algebra (I will begin by defining the classical discrete Fourier transform, inverse semigroups, representations, etc.)

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