Applied Mathematics Seminar

Department of Mathematics, University of Texas at Arlington

Date/Time/Room: Tuesday (11/28/2000) at 3:30 pm in 487 Pickard Hall (Refreshments served at 3:00 pm)

Speaker: Bruno D. Welfert, Department of Mathematics, Arizona State University

``A nonstandard Euler scheme for y"+g(y)y'+f(y)y=0''

Abstract: We introduce a nonstandard Euler scheme for solving the differential equation y"+g(y)y'+f(y)y=0 which has the same linear stability properties as the differential equation and is conservative when g=0. The method is based on a physically motivated reduction of the equations to a system of two first order equations and the use of Lie group integrators. The method is demonstrated on a few examples and compared to other schemes, including a symmetric standard scheme and a MATLAB adaptive solver.