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Doctor of Philosophy Degree

Master of Science Degree

Master of Arts Degree

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Graduation Requirements and Procedures

Graduate Program

The Department of Mathematics offers programs leading to the Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematical Sciences, the Master of Sciences and the Master of Arts degrees. The graduate Program is designed to produce mathematicians who are highly qualified to enter professions in academia and the industrial and governmental sectors.
Candidates for the M.S. degree may elect thesis or thesis-substitutes. These options require a minimum of 30 or 33 hours of course work respectively.
Candidates for the Ph.D. degree are expected to demonstrate knowledge by passing a comprehensive examination in mathematics. Ph.D. candidates must also write and successfully defend a dissertation that represents significant original research. There are 2 routes to obtain the Ph.D: one is to obtain the M.S. degree first and then enter Ph.D. program, while the other is to enter the Ph.D. program directly with a B.S. degree (so called B.S.-Ph.D. track).

Graduate work is offered in the areas of:

  • Algebra

  • Algebraic Geometry

  • Applied Mathematics

  • Complex Analysis

  • Differential Geometry

  • Differential Equations

  • Functional Analysis

  • Mathematical Biology

  • Mathematics Education

  • Numerical Analysis

  • Statistics

  • Stochastic Analysis

To request further information about graduate programs at UT Arlington, please visit the Graduate School information request website. To apply, please visit the Graduate School application website.

The Mathematics Graduate Catalog lists the Admissions Requirements for the different graduate programs in mathematics at UT Arlington. It also contains information pertaining to Graduation Requirements and Procedures.

For inquiries about the Department of Mathematics, call or send an email to the Mathematics Graduate Program Advisors.