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Graduate Fellows and Assistants

Administration and Staff

Ph.D. Graduates (1990-Present)

Graduate Fellows and Teaching/Research Assistants
(GAANN Fellows; GK-12 Fellows; GTAs; GRAs)

To contact contact any of the graduate students on this list you can either send them an e-mail or call the Mathematics Department's main office at 817-272-3261.

  Ali, Ahmed
E-mail: aahmed@uta.edu

  Alvarado, Iris
E-mail: alvarado@uta.edu

  Baker, Reema
E-mail: reemab@uta.edu

  Bowman, Ariel
E-mail: arielb@uta.edu

  Campbell, Robert (Cavender)
E-mail: robertcc@uta.edu

  Andrew, Cavaness
E-mail: cavaness@uta.edu

  Chandler, Richard
E-mail: richardc@uta.edu

  Chen, Xi
E-mail: chen.xi@mavs.uta.edu

  Choi, Sl-Ghi
E-mail: slchoi@uta.edu

  Dong, Yinlin
E-mail: yinlin.dong@mavs.uta.edu

  Goodwin, Rachel
E-mail: rachel.goodwin@mavs.uta.edu

  Griffis, John
E-mail: johng@uta.edu

  Hathcock, Jason
E-mail: hathcock@uta.edu

  Hollman, Eric
E-mail: hollman@uta.edu

  Jackson, Mark
E-mail: markwj@uta.edu

  Lacy, Scott
E-mail: scottl@uta.edu

  Langford, Sarah
E-mail: selang@uta.edu

  LaValley, Justin
E-mail: lavalley@uta.edu

  Looney, Carl
E-mail: clooney@uta.edu

  Luo, Ting
E-mail: tingluo@uta.edu

  Mackey, Kevin
E-mail: kmackey@uta.edu

  Mastriania, Anthony
E-mail: anthonym@uta.edu

  Mitchell, Christopher
E-mail: mchris@uta.edu

  Ojeda Ruiz, Ivan
E-mail: ivanor@uta.edu

  Poudyal, Basanti
E-mail: poudyal@uta.edu

  Ray, Allie
E-mail: allieray@uta.edu

  Schuette, Geoffrey
E-mail: schuette@uta.edu

  Seo, Sat Byul
E-mail: sbseo@uta.edu

  Sosa, Souad
E-mail: souad.sosa@mavs.uta.edu

  Steele, Nathan
E-mail: nathan.steele@mavs.uta.edu

  Sun, Junwei
E-mail: junwei.sun@mavs.uta.edu

  Sutton, Julie
E-mail: jmsutton@uta.edu

  Tang, Jie
E-mail: tang.jie@mavs.uta.edu

  Tomlin, Derek
E-mail: dtomlin@uta.edu

  Traylor, Rachel
E-mail: rtraylor@uta.edu

  Ventura, Wilber
E-mail: wventura@uta.edu

  Wood, Daniel
E-mail: danwood@uta.edu

  Xi, Hongguang
E-mail: xihongg@uta.edu

  Xiao, Pengcheng
E-mail: pcxiao@uta.edu

  Yang, Mie
E-mail: mie.yang@mavs.uta.edu

  Yang, Yong
E-mail: yongyang@uta.edu