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 Items 1 – 8 are for International Students Only

Items 9 – 14 are for ALL Students including International

1.                 International Students must go to UTA Payroll Department located in J. D. Wetsel Building on West Mitchell Street to get a number assigned by State Comptroller to use until they get a Social Security number.

2.                 Go to Social Security Administration Office to obtain Social Security Card. (click on link – enter Zip Code 76019 for location & directions to their offices nearest to UTA.


3.                 Fill out I-9 with Cecelia Levings in Pickard Hall, (room # 468 phone 817-272-2086) using  INS documents or Social Security Card and Drivers License.

4.                 Go to orientation at UTA International Office located in University Center building, lower level (phone extension 2355)

5.         Once you have Social Security card…go to International Office in University Center with your card and passport to complete the Payment Request form.

6.                 Go to Registrar’s office in Davis Hall to change I.D. number to Social Security number when you obtain the card.

7.                 Go to International Office in University Center to waive insurance with offer letter by Census Date.

8.         All International students are required to obtain a Certification of English Proficiency.  The procedure for this certification can be arranged by going to the English Language Institute located in Hammond Hall room #402.

The phone extension is 2730 and their web address is http://www.iep.uta.edu


9.         Inform Cecelia in Pickard Hall (Math Office room 468) of Social Security number to get e-mail and appointment made.

10.       Request keys from Cecelia Levings in Pickard Hall 4th floor (Math Office room 468) and pick-up keys from Key Control Services 1225 W. Mitchell St. (J.D. Wetsel Building)

11.       Pay tuition @ Bursar’s office. Located in Davis Hall on main floor. (If you are an out of state student and require a tuition adjustment, please see Cecelia Levings in the Math Office in Pickard Hall 4TH floor room 468 to initiate the process.)

12.       Get Student I.D. (Mav card) in University Center behind food court.

13.       If you get a car, go to UTA Police Station on Davis Street to pay for and then to the Parking Office on 1225 W. Mitchell St. (J.D. Wetsel Building) to pick-up parking permit.

14.       Go to Human Resources at J. D. Wetsel Building on West Mitchell Street for paperwork session. (You must enroll in Medical Insurance Plan within 31 days of date of employment or will have to wait until next open enrollment next fiscal year).


For further information and application forms, visit the Graduate School website.

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