Revised August 2002, T. Luo, M. Vancliff


Course: Math 5322  Complex Variables

    Complex numbers, analytic functions, contour integration, power series,

    conformal mappings of simply-connected regions, analytic continuation.



Comprehensive Examination Material: part (b) on Math 5322 (Complex Variables)

    1. Complex Numbers

       (a) arithmetic and algebra of C, conjugation, absolute value

       (b) Argand diagram, exponential form

       (c) Riemann sphere

    2. Complex Functions

       (a) limits, continuity

       (b) analytic (holomorphic) functions, Cauchy-Riemann equations

       (c) polynomial and rational functions

       (d) Fundamental Theorem of Algebra

       (e) Power series, Laurent series, Abel's Limit Theorem

       (f) exponential, logarithmic and trigonometric functions

    3. Mappings

       (a) connectedness, compactness

       (b) Bolzano-Weierstrass Theorem

       (c) conformal mappings, harmonic functions

       (d) linear transformations

       (e) Möbius Transformations

    4. Contour Integration

       (a) line integrals

       (b) Cauchy's Theorem

       (c) Cauchy's integral formula, winding numbers

       (d) Liouville's Theorem

       (e) Theorems of Morera and Goursat

       (f) removable singularities and Taylor's Theorem

       (g) classification of isolated singularities

       (h) zeros and poles, meromorphic functions

       (i) the argument principle

       (j) maximum (modulus) principle

       (k) Scharz' Lemma, Theorems of Hadamard and Phragmén-Lindelöf

       (l) calculus of residues, residue formula

       (m) harmonic functions

       (n) mean-value property

       (o) Riemann-Mapping Theorem

       (p) conformal mappings of simply-connected regions

    5. Analytic Continuation

       (a) germs

       (b) Riemann surfaces, branch points




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