Material for Preliminary Exam B --- Statistics Section

The following list gives topics on which the Preliminary Examination B in Statistics will be based. STATS 5312 and 5313 (MATH 5312-13) cover many, but not necessarily all, of these topics. Students (even those who have taken STATS 5312-13) are advised to prepare for the examination using many resources, including (but not limited to) the books suggested below.

1. Introduction to Probability

2. Distributions

3. Function of random variable and limiting distributions

4. Point estimation

5. Interval estimation

6. Testing statistical hypotheses

Suggested Reading

1. Hogg, Robert, Allen Craig and Joseph McKean (2004). Introduction to Mathematical Statistics, 6th Edition, Macmillan Company.

2. Bain, Lee J. and Max Engelhardt (1991). Introduction to Probability and Mathematical Statistics, 2nd Edition, Duxbury.