Pi Mu Epsilon is a mathematics society consisting of chapters at various approved institutions of learning, and affiliate chapters at approved non-academic institutions. The chapter at the University of Texas at Arlington is the Texas Iota chapter. It was chartered in 1975 and was the 191st chapter of the society.

The purpose of the society stated in its constitution and by-laws is to promote scholarly activity in mathematics among students in academic institutions, and among the staffs of qualified non-academic institutions. It aims to do this by:

  1. electing members on an honorary basis according to their proficiency in mathematics.
  2. by engaging in activities designed to promote the mathematical and scholarly development of its members, and
  3. by taking any other measures that will further the purpose stated above.

To become a regular member at the Texas Iota chapter, any the following minimum requirements must be satisfied:

  1. Undergraduate students who have had at least two years of college mathematics including calculus, who have completed their mathematical work with honor (at least B average), and who are in the top one-third of their class in general college work.
  2. Sophomores who are majoring or intend to major in mathematics, who have completed at least three semesters of college mathematics including one year of calculus, who have achieved a straight A record in all mathematics courses and who are in the top quarter of their class in their general college work.
  3. Graduate students whose mathematical work is at least equivalent to that required of qualified undergraduates, and who have maintained at least a B average in mathematics during their last school year prior to their election.
  4. Members of the faculty in mathematics or related subjects.
  5. Any person who have acheived distinction in a mathematical science.

For further information and application forms, drop by the PME office at 488 PKH or write to us at:

Pi Mu Epsilon, Texas Iota Chapter
Box 19408
University of Texas at Arlington
Arlington TX 76019

or call us at (817) 272-3261.