UT Arlington, Department of Mathematics The University of Texas at Arlington

Tenure Track Faculty



Ph.D. Students

Ph.D. Graduates (1990-Present)

Administration and Staff

Name / PositionOffice Telephone

Jianzhong Su 
PKH 469 817-272-5684
[Photo] David A. Jorgensen 
Associate Chairman
PKH 429 817-272-5507
[Photo] Lona Donnelly 
Administrative Assistant II
PKH 473 817-272-5259
[Photo] Zach Holleman 
Administrative Assistant I
PKH 471 817-272-3431
[Photo] Libby Carroll 
Undergraduate Academic Advisor
PKH 489 817-272-3261
[Photo] Currently Unoccupied
Support Specialist II
PKH 470 817-272-9121
[Photo] Velvet Denny 
Office Assistant II
PKH 478 817-272-3261
[Photo] Michael Schmidtkunz 
IT Specialist (DSA/ISA)
PKH 472 817-272-9262

  Learning Resource Center

Name / PositionOffice Telephone

Shanna Banda 
Learning Resource Director
PKH 315 817-272-1749

Yolanda Humphrey 
Learning Resource Coordinator
PKH 315 817-272-1749

Laura Holm 
Learning Resource Coordinator
PKH 315 817-272-1749

** The Math department front office, along with faculty offices are located on the 4th floor in Pickard Hall (PKH). The Learning Resource Center, along with most Math classrooms are located on the 3rd floor of Pickard Hall (PKH). **