The Statistical Consulting Laboratory is an educational, service and revenue-earning unit in the Department of Mathematics.   The Lab was formally opened in September, 2006.

Its educational mission is:

§      To train students in the art and practice of statistical consulting,

by providing them the opportunity to interact with a variety of

clients, both within and outside of the university.


§      To disseminate statistical knowledge and expertise to students and faculty on the UTA campus, by providing statistical assistance on research projects, theses or dissertations.

Its service mission is:

§      To provide statistical support to UTA students and faculty.

Its revenue-earning mission is to bring revenue to the Math Department by:

§      Charging the grants of university faculty requiring statistical support

§      Actively pursuing contracts outside the university.


The Lab offers expertise in the following statistical areas:

Mathematical Statistics            Experimental Design

Regression Analysis                 Survival Analysis

Categorical Data Analysis

Repeated Measures Analysis


Consulting Fees

§      There is no charge for students or for faculty without grants.

§      Faculty intending to use the Lab for statistical support on grant-funded projects should budget appropriate time for consulting, billed at $100/hour.

§      Clients outside the university will be billed either hourly ($100/hour) or by contract.

Projects in Fall 2006      

 This semester’s projects within the UTA campus included:

§      Working with several biology graduate students on their thesis projects, including:

Herpetology:  a study of the variation in certain size parameters in turtles across the United States (multiple regression analysis)

Herpetology:  a study of the variation in scale roughness of rattlesnakes across the United States (multiple regression)

Ecology:  analysis of several experiments involving herbivory of plants (categorical data analysis)

Toxicology:  analysis of experiments investigating eco-friendly compounds to prevent the attachment of mussels to submerged vessels (categorical data analysis)

Environmental Science:  analysis of experiments studying the resistance of apple snails to variations in temperature, salinity, ph.   The study is related to the invasion of these snails and eco-friendly ways to manage them. (survival analysis)

§      Managing the Calculus Study within the Math Department (data management)


Outside clients included:

§      Gleason Engineering, whose project involved various drilling parameters associated with the productivity of gas wells.

 Contact Information

Dr D.L. Hawkins, Lab Director  (

            Phone:  (817) 272-2995

Office: 466 PKH