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Description of the UTTER Program Courses

Each of the three new UTTER program courses has an instructor of record which rotates among involved UTTER faculty, with supporting faculty in attendance who share lecturing duties. These are small classes specifically designed to accommodate the level of prior knowledge that UTTER participants are expected to have (one semester of Calculus and a one-semester Introduction to Ecological Biology). These courses, in which each lesson integrates mathematical techniques and biological systems, are also designed to get mathematics and biology students to work collaboratively, in preparation for their later joint research. All interested undergraduate students at UT Arlington are encouraged to enroll in the UTTER courses and the seminar.

BIOL/MATH 2350. Mathematical Modeling in Ecology
    An introductory course in modeling techniques in biology with emphasis on construction and interpretation of models in ecology and epidemiology. Computational tools will allow students to work with mathematical models chosen from areas such as optimization, statistics, and difference and differential equations. The goals of this course will include teaching programming skills and illustrating how biological knowledge is used to construct simulation rules in this computational approach.
    Prerequisites: C or better in BIOL 1441 and MATH 1426.

BIOL/MATH 3350. Dynamical Systems in Biology
    An introductory course in the existence and properties of solutions of differential and difference equations, qualitative analysis methods, and numerical solution of differential equations using finite-difference methods. Laboratory work will include use of Matlab in solving biologically motivated mathematical problems.
    Prerequisites: C or better in BIOL/MATH 2350 or permission of instructor.

BIOL/MATH 4150. Seminar in Mathematical Biology
    Formulation and definition of interdisciplinary research problems in Mathematical Biology, the formulation and execution of strategies of solution, and the presentation of results. Research under faculty supervision and mentorship involving collaboration within a small group.
    Prerequisites: Consent of the instructor.