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The University of Texas at Arlington

Maverick Career Network

The University of Texas at Arlington Maverick Career Network The University of Texas at Arlington Maverick Career Network

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Put Your Passion to Work

Put Your Passion to Work

You’re looking for a job that’s more than a job. You want something you can invest yourself in, something that motivates you. Something that inspires. We can help. The University of Texas at Arlington offers a variety of enriching services and resources for those interested in exploring every opportunity on their career paths.

Develop a Plan

Take an inventory of your strengths, figure out where you want to go, and put it all together in a solid career plan.

Before you can find the job of your dreams, you'll need to know where you stand. We can help you clarify your skills, values, interests, and personality traits so you can find your perfect job match. In order to access career assessment tools on, contact the Career Center at for the license code.

Refine Your Skills

Practice makes perfect. We've got all the resources you need to make you the best candidate for your dream job.

First impressions mean everything. Make yours undeniable. Your resume and cover letter are marketing tools that outline your skills and experience so a potential employer can see exactly what you would bring to the workplace. We’ve got tips, tools, and resources that will help ensure your resume and cover letter dazzle.

If first impressions mean everything, then your second impression seals the deal. Interview Stream lets you participate in mock interviews and watch a recording with a counselor so you can see how you did and build confidence in the process. Contact the Career Center at 817-272-2932 or to set up an appointment with a counselor.

For in-person, in-depth guidance, we’ve got just the thing for you. Our career development courses will help prepare you to land the job you’ve always wanted. From refining your cover letter and resume to preparing for job interviews, creating a career plan, and leveraging military experience, we’ve got your back.

Make Connections

It's all about who you know. Develop working relationships with peers and mentors who can provide insight into your career path.

If you have questions, just ask. Arranging an informational interview with an established professional in your area of interest will help you build communications skills, learn more about the profession, and make invaluable connections. Find out more by contacting the Career Center at

Energizing drink, stimulating conversation. The Career Center will host quarterly meet-and-greets where campus professionals discuss their jobs and how they got them. This is a great opportunity for current UT Arlington professionals and community members to discover their options. Stay tuned for the first coffee date.

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You've Got Options

You've got a plethora of career opportunities at your fingertips.

Find your place in the Maverick community. We’ve got great benefits, wonderful people, and an amazing campus. Whether you’re just starting out in your career or you want to reach higher, we’re happy to have you. Find out what’s available.

As a veteran, tackling challenges is what you do best. Now you’re ready to take what you’ve learned in the military and see what you can achieve in the civilian world. Piece of cake. Allow to serve it up. My Next Move is a database that pairs qualified veterans with prospective employers.