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The University of Texas at Arlington

Maverick Career Network

The University of Texas at Arlington Maverick Career Network The University of Texas at Arlington Maverick Career Network


Career Development Courses

Career Development Courses

Take your career to the next level with our series of career development courses. We offer free, in-depth training for building your best resume, polishing your cover letter, preparing for job interviews, and creating a career plan. We also conduct a course that guides veterans in translating military experience into civilian skills. Contact Human Resources at or 817-272-5554 to get more information about the classes and how to enroll.

Resume and Cover Letter Workshop

What role do you think a cover letter plays in finding a job? How about a resume? How can you ensure they both reflect your skills? In this hands-on workshop, you'll learn how to structure them so that they effectively highlight your qualifications.

Preparing for the Job Interview

In this course, participants will build skills for successful job interviewing. Review the important pre-interview preparation steps, receive tips about presenting your best self, explore the most frequently asked interview questions, develop effective listening skills, and role-play a mock interview.

Creating a Career Plan

Whether you're considering a new challenge, planning ahead, or wanting to try something new, it's always a good idea to make sure your current career path is the right fit for you. Even in our economically challenged times, we need fulfilling work that uses the unique skills and qualities that we bring to the table.

Translating Military Experience into Civilian Skills

Translating military skills into a civilian job is perhaps the biggest obstacle for veterans. Armed service provides a wealth of experience that can be difficult to communicate without using military jargon. This course will help our veteran population learn how to 1) identify what job market to explore, 2) match their skills with civilian equivalents, and 3) use those skills to find the job they want.

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