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About Mediation Services

Why should I use mediation?

  • It’s private and confidential.
    Mediation provides participants a way to handle conflicts without creating a student record or file and without bringing others into the dispute.
  • It’s fast and easy.
    Mediation can allow students a fast way to deal with a conflict before it escalates, permanently damages the relationship, impacts academic performance or becomes a legal issue.
  • It provides a future for the relationship.
    Unfortunately, a small conflict can end a friendship/relationship if not handled appropriately. Mediation allows students to reach reconsiliation or understanding which may aid in the avoidance of future disputes so that a continued relationship is possible.
  • It’s risk free.
    Mediation allows students to attempt to reach a mutual agreement.  All agreements are voluntary and using mediation doesn’t eliminate a student’s ability to use other appropriate options.

Who are the mediators?

UT Arlington faculty and staff members volunteer to serve as mediators to assist students with resolving a wide range of conflicts and disputes.  Each mediator has completed the 40 hour Basic Mediation Training in accordance with the Texas Alternative Dispute Resolution Act.

If mediation sounds right for you situation, please fill out a Mediation Request Form and someone will contact you to discuss the situation.

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