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What types of conflicts are right for mediation?

Individual Disputes

Mediation Services can aid students in dealing with concerns about living habits (study, noise, sleep needs), handling of bills, handling shared items/space, dealing with a roommate who borrows or breaks items, communication problems, relationship misunderstandings, work-related conflicts, breach of contract, minor harassing behavior, and many others as needed. 

Classroom Disputes

Mediation Services can assist with various types of disputes which may arise within the classroom including among group members for an assignment, between lab partners, within a study group or during a research project.

Inter- and Intra- Student Organization Disputes

Mediation Services can act as a neutral 3rd party to conflicts within your student organization or between your student organization and another student organization.

Court Ordered and Family Mediation

Mediation Services provides court ordered mediation and limited family mediation through the support of Student Legal Services.

All services are provied at no cost to UT Arlington students.

If you have questions about whether mediation is right for your situation just fill out a Mediation Request Form and someone will contact you to discuss the situation.

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