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UTA Mediation Association

creating community, compassion and collaboration

The UT Arlington Mediation Association is a campus-based organization, comprised of a network of UTA faculty and staff who are trained Mediators or interested in the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) process of Mediation.  The Association was established to offer continuing education and experience to its members and provide community outreach and education to local youth and young adults in the area of conflict resolution. The objectives are (1) to sponsor and promote professional development to members through a series of events (i.e., workshops, seminars, conferences and mediation experiences)and (2) to sponsor, co-sponsor and/or provide on-going trainings, workshops and seminars to interested parties and the local youth community.

our mission

To support, provide and facilitate ADR and mediation leadership, training, education and experience to Association member, the UT Arlington campus community and the surrounding community.

our vision

To become an accessible ADR provider for the UT Arlington campus community and the surrounding community.

our goals

  • Sponsor and promote professional development for community mediators through a series of events, (i.e., workshops, seminars, conferences and mediation experiences);
  • Promote and encourage the use of community mediation for individual, group or organizational conflict;
  • Educate individuals, groups and organizations about the benefit of using mediation services and strategies;
  • Train individuals, groups and organizations in the practice of mediation;
  • Reduce barriers and provide access to mediation services to the surrounding community.


Membership is open to all UT Arlington faculty and staff who have completed the 40 hour Basic Mediation Training and those faculty and staff who are interested in supporting the community in the ADR process.  Membership dues are $35.00 annually and are used to support the programs and functions of the Association. The Association holds general body meetings the 4th Tuesday in the months of September, November, January, March, May and August.

Individuals not recognized as UT Arlington faculty or staff may support the organization as an Affiliate member.

The Association is currently accepting new members and Affiliates.  All intersted are encouraged to complete a membership application.


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