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Arabic Language and Culture Organization

The Arabic Language and Culture organization, ALCO, nicknamed Annadi henceforward, is an organization open for all UTA students. The purpose of Annadi is to provide the opportunity for members to speak Arabic and to increase their knowlege and awareness of the Arabic-speaking world. A 10 dollar due is charged for membership for the purpose of going towards the spending budget of the club. Affiliation with the university is also required for membership.

Annadi meets biweekly during the fall and spring semesters. Meetings include refreshments and informal conversation in Arabic, but Annadi members also plan and present programs related to the study of Arabic. Typical programs include presentations of information about an Arabic-speaking country by individuals from the country or students who have recently participated in a study abroad trip. Members also view and discuss Arabic films, musical concerts, and dine in local Arabic restaurants.

Annadi also strongly promotes the education of students in the Arabic language, and brings to attention the following courses offered at UTA: ARAB 1441-1442, ARAB 2313-2314, and ARAB 3303

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