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Undergraduate Programs

Chinese Major - Bachelor of Arts in Critical Languages and International Studies

Course Requirements

  • GLOBAL 2301
  • CHIN 1441, 1442, 2313, 2314
  • Four 3000 or 4000 level courses in Chinese
  • Four 3000 or 4000 level courses in International Studies, chosen from one of the following themes:
    1. International Issues (Business, Ethics, and Sustainability)
    2. Arts and Humanities (Art, History, Literature, and Music)
    3. Social and Cultural Studies (Anthropology, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology)

For more information, contact the Modern Languages Advisor, Thelma Cabrera, or Dr. Neal Liang

Certificate in Localization & Translation - Full Program Details

In this five-course certificate program students develop specialized skills in translation and study the processes of localization for future employment in the language services industry.

  • 3 courses
    • CHIN 3310
    • CHIN 3311 (3311 is a skills course and must be taken twice)
  • 2 courses
    • CHIN 3303
    • CHIN 3304
    • Or two upper-division offerings in campus disciplines with an area studies focus related to the language and culture of study.

Chinese Minor

Course Requirements

  • CHIN 1442*
  • CHIN 2313
  • CHIN 2314
  • 9 hours of 3000 or 4000 level Chinese coursework

*Although not required for the minor, credit for 1441 with a grade of C or above is required to enroll in 1442. Likewise, a C or above is required for each course in the series in order to enroll in the next.

How to Declare a Chinese Minor

Most College of Liberal Arts majors (Anthropology, Art, Art History, Communication, English, History, Linguistics, Music, Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology, Theatre Arts), may simply send an email request with the subject heading "Chinese Minor Request" in which you indicate your name, student ID#, major, and desired language minor (i.e. Chinese) to, and we will process your request.

For other majors, including those outside the College of Liberal Arts (Business, Education, Engineering, Nursing, Sciences, Social Work, etc…), please download and fill out our Minor Enrollment form, initialing and signing where indicated, then take the form to your major advisor for his signature. Once you and your major advisor have signed the form, deliver it to the Department of Modern Languages in 230 Hammond Hall.