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Certificate in Localization and Translation in French

Program Description

Localization and Translation program globeStudents become conversant with the tools and procedures required for twenty-first century translation work by using specialized translation memory software and simulating a collaborative work environment. Extensive practice in translating a variety of oral and written documents provides the skills to work in business, non-profit, and academic situations.

Students also learn the localization process. Localization is the adaptation of language, texts, products, and Web sites to the locale for which they are intended.


Course Requirements

The Localization and Translation Certificate requires a minimum of two years (four semesters) and the following courses:

  • 3 Localization and Translation courses
  • 2 culture courses


The Certificate in Localization and Translation in French

The localization and translation courses:

  • FREN 3320 Localization and Translation I is an introduction to translation as it occurs in Web environments, together with introductory skills practice in using translation and translation memory software.

  • FREN 3321 Localization and Translation must be taken twice, as the content continuously changes, and skills are practiced and reinforced in this advanced course.

Two required culture courses:

  • One course chosen from the following five courses:
    • FREN 3305 French Culture and Civilization
    • FREN 3310 Introduction to Literature
    • FREN 3311 French Literature and Culture I
    • FREN 3312 French Literature and Culture II
    • FREN 3316 Topics in Cities of France
    • FREN 3318 Problems of Identity

  • One course chosen from the following four courses:
    • FREN 4328 Topics in Twentieth-Century French Studies
    • FREN 4334 Contemporary French Culture
    • FREN 4335 Business French
    • FREN 4338 Selected Topics in French Literature or Culture