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Study Abroad In Berlin - 2016

Faculty-led trip to Berlin with excursions to Vienna, and Erfurt.

  • Requirements 
    • Completion of GERM1441-GERM2314 
      (4 total semesters of German)
    • Enrollment in
      • GERM3313 - Urban Dialogue
      • GERM4321 - German Cities Through Literature.

Study Abroad 2014

Study Abroad 2014


Additional Study Abroad Opportunities

UT Arlington, through the Office of International Education external link, offers a variety of opportunities for students to study abroad at reasonable prices.

Students participating in summer, semester, or year long programs abroad can use

In addition, UT Arlington works with other universities in Texas to provide students the no-hassle opportunity to participate in programs at other universities for a summer or a semester.

How to Apply

  • Review the Application Process external link posted by the Office of International Education.
  • Work with content advisors in German and other disciplines to determine course equivalencies for all courses taken abroad, so you will stay on track with your degree plan.

More Information

Below you will find general information about six programs.

Contact the Office of International Education external link for more information about one or more of these.

And-bon voyage and gute Reise!!!

Study in Lüneburg, Germany, for a semester or a year!

Map of Germany with Leuenburg indicated.Participate in a semester or a year in Lüneburg through a Universities Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC) program external link.

Luneburg HeathLüneburg, Germany is a vibrant university town in a beautiful medieval setting just 30 minutes away from Hamburg. Students can live in a residence hall, an apartment, or with a German family.

Use your UT Arlington financial aid, scholarships, the International Fee Scholarship to participate in Intensive Language Studies for a Semester or a Year, with one of the following programs or a combination of them!

Visit the Web site for the city of Lüneburg external link.

Study in Quedlinburg, Germany, for a semester!

QuedlingburgMap of Germany with the location of Quedlinburg indicated Study in Quedlinburg, Germany for a semester through Texas Tech's Quedlinburg Program! external link

In this program, students can earn up to sixteen credits to fulfill their language requirement or take upper level courses in the beautiful medieval city of Quedlinburg, a UNESCO world heritage cultural site.

Visit the Web site for the city of Quedlinburg external link.

Study in Würzburg, Germany, during the summer!


Map of Germany with the location of Würzburg indicated.Study in Würzburg, Germany for ten weeks in the summer through UT Austin's Würzburg Program! external link

Würzburg is a beautiful old city of great cultural and historical interest 90 minutes from Frankfurt International Airport.

According to the UT Austin Web site:

The aim of this ten-week program is to enable American students to learn about German and European history, politics, economic life and culture firsthand in Germany. The program will provide the possibility to earn 6-9 University of Texas college credits in a ten-week course of study.

Visit the Web site for the city of Würzburg external link.

Study in Germany for a year through the Congress-Bundestag Program! external link

Students selected for this full scholarship program have the opportunity to

  • Study German.
  • Study in their field (German or another subject).
  • Take part in an internship during this year-long stay abroad.

FrankfurtUTA is proud to have had three students who participated in this program.

Funded by the United States and Germany, the program provides for a twelve-month stay in Germany, including

  • Two months of intensive German language training (no prior German required).
  • One semester at a German university or professional school.
  • Five-month internship with a German company or organization.
  • Unique insight into German life through placement with a German host family.

The ideal candidate

  • Is a US citizen or permanent resident.
  • Is between 18 and 24 years old.
  • Is interested in German and international affairs.
  • Has a strong sense of American identity.
  • Is flexible and independent.
  • Is actively seeking a career in a field in which he or she has studied and has practical experience.

Study German in Taos, New Mexico!

Map of New Mexico with the location of Taos indicated.Do you need to stay in the United States? Consider the German Immersion Program in Taos, New Mexico external link.

View of TaosOpportunities: This program is intended for students interested in studying German 24/7 during the summer, but who want to stay in the United States. Up to seven hours of credit can be earned at this summer school for German students, and it can be transferred to UTA.

Finances: Our UTA students have received scholarships, as well as work study jobs at the school, in order to partially finance their stay in the beautiful Taos Ski Valley.

Visit the Web site for the city of Taos, New Mexico external link.

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