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Requirements for Students Taking Upper Level Courses


  • All those taking German at the 3000 level must have passed German 2314 (or equivalent) with a grade of C or better.

  • To take German courses at the 4000 level, one must have taken one 3000 level course OR receive permission from the instructor.

  • Some 4321 or 4322 German courses are cross-listed with other departments (e.g., English, History, Philosophy) and may be taken by any student who meets the requirements in those departments.

  • Students who have passed GERM 2314 with a Certificate of Proficiency may be eligible to take a 4000 level German course that is taught by faculty (a professor or lecturer) within the German Section in German. Such students must take a 3000 level course concurrently in order to do so. See Sabine Harvey, for further details.

Topics Courses May Be Repeated

  • Some courses are topics courses and may be repeated as the topic changes: German 3313, 3314, 3318, 4321, 4322.

  • Only in cases where a 4322 is taught by a professor in another department, using English, may students be exempt from the prerequisites.

Business and German Students

  • Some courses may be used in lieu of German 4334 (culture of business) and German 4335 (business German) if those courses are not offered when you need them.

    • German 4321 may be used in place of 4334
    • German 4322 may be used in place of 4335.

Future German Teachers

  • German 4339, Methods of Teaching German, is offered every summer and in the fall of every even-numbered year.

Specific Questions

Students with specific questions not answered above should contact Dr. Rings.

German Course Sequence


  • 3313
  • 3000 level course
  • 4000 level course (4339 every even-numbered fall)


  • 3314
  • 3000 level course
  • 4000 level course


  • 4339
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