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Deadlines for Current Graduate Students

Status Deadline
Change Provisional Status to Unconditional Admission. By first 12 hours earned.
Change Probationary Status to Unconditional Admission. By first 12 hours earned.
Change Special Student Status to Unconditional Admission.
(If you do not wish to obtain a degree, you may remain a Special Student indefinitely.)
Within first nine hours of completed graduate work to be counted towards the Master's degree.
During Your Penultimate Semester You Should:
Notify the graduate advisor that you are planning to take the comprehensive exams next semester.
Fill out and submit the Degree Plan Worksheet to the graduate advisor early in the semester.
Contact your graduate advisor or section head to find out which professors are on the MA committee.
Make sure you have finished the reading list for your section.  Remember: There may be many texts that you have not read for class or covered in course work but for which you are, nonetheless, responsible on the exam.
Have completed the second language proficiency requirement. Remember that this requirement may be met by
  • Passing MODL 5301,
  • Passing coursework consisting of the first 4 semesters of a second language, or 
  • Passing a translation exam.
A student's maternal or native language does not meet the second language proficency requirement. You may not take the MA comprehensive exams if the language proficieny requirement has not been satisfied.
During Your Last Semester You Must: Fall Spring
Enroll in at least one graduate level class in your program of study.
Contact the MA committee professors and discuss the reading list with them if you have not already done so.
Submit Degree Plan Worksheet to your graduate advisor if you have not already done so. By around September 21* By around February 16*
Meet with your graduate advisor to ensure that you will have met all departmental and university requirements for graduation this semester.
Submit an Application for Graduation to the graduate school (and pay the fee) by the deadline indicated in the graduate catalog for the semester in which you are graduating (usually within 30 days of the first day of class). Around September 21* Around February 16*
Check with the graduate advisor to find out the dates on which the MA comprehensive exam is scheduled. Around September 21* Around February 16*
Submit a copy of the Final Master’s Exam Report to the graduate office in 333 Davis Hall by the deadline listed in the catalog. You must unconditionally pass this exam before the end of the semester.
Complete all course and exam requirements.
Earn a 3.0 or better  as your overall graduate GPA and GPA in your major.
  *These dates vary slightly from semester to semester.

May a Person Take the Master's Exam More Than Once?

  • If a student should fail the Master's exam, he/she may, at the discretion of the student's exam committee, be permitted to schedule a retake of the examination.

  • If the student fails the second time, he/she will be dismissed from the program, unless the committee agrees there is just cause for him/her to take the exam yet a third time.

  • No more than three attempts may be made.