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How to Fill Out a Degree Plan Worksheet

This is a departmental requirement.

To be completed by the end of your penultimate semester—the one preceding the semester in which you plan to take the MA exam:

  1. Obtain a form online from the UTA's Virtual Graduate Advisor external link.

    1. Select Forms for Students in the left margin.

    2. Select Forms for Master's Students.

    3. Scroll down to GMAP, Degree Plan Worksheet and Transfer of Credits and then select the plus sign to expand the list of downloadable forms. 

    4. Select the [PDF] link or PDF icon to the right of I need to fill out a degree plan worksheet. The worksheet will open as a PDF document that you can fill in and print out to get signed. Please type this out and do not submit a hand written copy. 

  2. Fill in all the information, including your name, date, address, ID number, degrees held and field (i.e., B.A., Spanish/French ), degree sought (Master of Arts), and type of degree plan (usually non-thesis).

  3. Under Transfer Credit list the courses we have approved for you to transfer (up to nine hours), course number(s) and title(s), institution(s), whether semester or quarter hours, semester and year taken, and the grade(s).

  4. Under UTA Credit list the courses you have taken and intend to take during the current and the last semester. (NB: These courses may change.) Please list MODL courses together first followed by your FREN or SPAN courses.

    • You must take MODL 5304 (Currents in European and Latin American Literatures and Thought) at some time as it is required.

    • In addition you need an additional 6 SCH by choosing 2 courses from the
      6 MODL courses listed below:

      • MODL 5302 Topics Across the Languages
      • MODL 5305 Methods of Language Teaching
      • MODL 5307 Topics in Language Acquisition
      • MODL 5308 Technology and Language Instruction
      • MODL 5309 Translation Theory
      • MODL 5310 Theories of Literature

        Or any 1 of the above MODL plus 1 of the designated electives below which has been approved by your committee.

      • ART 5320 History of Art Criticism
      • ENG 5330 Topics in Criticism
      • ENG 5340 Critical Theory: The Major Traditional Texts
      • ENG 5360 Topics in Contemporary Critical Theory
      • HIST 5311 Colloquium in Early Modern European History
      • HIST 5312 Colloquium in Modern European History
      • HIST 5313 Colloquium in European Regional/Topical History
      • HIST 5341 Issues and Interpretations in European History
      • HUM 5303 Approaches to the Study of Culture
      • HUM 5307 Topics in Gender Studies
      • LING 5300 Linguistic Analysis
      • PHIL 5393 Philosophical Perspectives on the Humanities
      • ANTH 5340 European Culture and Society
      • ANTH 5344 Cultures of Latin America

    • On your form, list the subject prefix, course number, title, and semester-year taken:

      • 100 = Fall 2000
      • 201 = Spring 2001
      • 301 = Summer I 2001
      • 401 = Summer II 2001
      • 101 = Fall 2001

  5. Examination Requirement(s): Written exam (and oral exam, if required by your language section).

  6. Language Requirement(s): Specify the language, other than English, your language of study, and your native language, in which you have met the proficiency requirement. Also please indicate the manner in which your have fulfilled this requirement, ie., MODL 5301, course work, or a translation exam.

  7. Sign and date the form.

  8. Make sure that the MODL Graduate Advisor (Dr. Sol) and the MODL Chair of the Committee on Graduate Studies (Dr. Conway) have signed and dated the form, then bring the original to the Graduate Advisor and a copy to the Chair of your MA committee. Do not take it to the Graduate School.