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The Master of Arts in Modern Languages General Information

The M.A. in Modern Languages is a 36-hour non-thesis degree that is unique in the North Texas Region. The primary educational objective of the Master of Arts in Modern Languages is to provide a degree that incorporates the best of a traditional M.A. in a language with elements that expand the traditional paradigm. With a core component that cuts across all languages, it provides knowledge in the more general areas of cultural and literary theory, methodology, second-language acquisition, translation, and the role of technology.

Graduate Students in Disciplines Other than Modern Languages: Meeting the Second Language Requirement

You may:

  1. Take 4 semesters of a language.
    Be sure to get the approval of your graduate program. If you have taken 4 semesters of a language at the university level, then you may have already met the requirement or

  2. Pass the 5 week summer session MODL 5301.
    We currently offer French, German, and Spanish on a rotating basis or

  3. Pass a translation exam.
    You must demonstrate your reading comprehension of the language by an accurate translation of passages taken from academic articles in your subject area. You may contact the MODL graduate advisor who will refer you to a professor of the language. We currently offer French, German, and Spanish. Sometimes Portuguese is an option. Please inquire as to the status of Portuguese.

    Please note: You may only take this test twice. If you do not pass the first time, you must wait two months before retaking the translation exam. If you do not pass the second exam, you will need to use one of the other options (#1, #2 or #4). Or

  4. Place out of fourth semester language on the CLEP test.

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