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Advanced Admission

The Department of Modern Languages has elected to implement the Graduate Assembly resolution, "Advanced Admission of Outstanding Undergraduates," effective April 24, 2000. The following are requirements and policies for such advanced admission:

  1. A student must have graduated from UTA no more than one academic year prior to proposed entrance to the graduate program. This can include senior students in their final year of studies, with advanced admission contingent upon successful completion of their remaining work.

  2. The student's GPA must equal or exceed 3.5 in each of two calculations:

    1. All work completed to date and
    2. All UTA advanced undergraduate work in the normal feeder undergraduate program (must be based on no less than 30 semester hours of work).

  3. The student will not be required to complete an application form, submit a GRE score, or pay an application evaluation fee.

  4. An eligible student will be nominated by the graduate advisor or the chairperson of the department. The following will be provided to the Graduate School:

    • Name of the student.
    • Student number.
    • Degree program to which the student should be admitted.
    • The date on which the student will be awarded (or has been awarded) the baccalaureate degree.
    • The student's current address.
    • Any additional information requested by the Graduate School.

  5. If the nomination is approved, the Assistant Vice Provost for Research and Graduate Studies will notify the student that she or he has been admitted, conditional where necessary, upon completing the remaining undergraduate work satisfactorily.

  6. Students will be notified of the opportunity through the following means:

    • General "advertising" through posted notices and the Graduate Advisor and other professors.

    • Targeting of juniors and seniors majoring in French or Spanish who are exceptional students and meet the criteria for advanced admission through the sections. The sections will compile a list of exceptional students, have the graduate advisor check student records against the criteria (or check them themselves), and recommend them to the graduate advisor. The graduate advisor will inform the Chair, who will write a letter to each student "inviting" him or her to apply for advanced admission.

  7. Candidates will be selected through the process described under the second bullet in #6 above. In addition, students who self-select as candidates will apply to the Graduate Advisor, who will check their records to ascertain whether they are eligible. Such students, if eligible, will be nominated by the Graduate Advisor. The review process will be documented in the files of the individual students, through a sheet with the calculations and met criteria.