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Language Acquisition Center

Helping Students Be Successful Using Today's Technologies!

The Language Acquisition Center (LAC) is dedicated to helping students succeed as they seek to master languages other than their own. A multimedia center serving the UTA community, the LAC features Mac computers, TV/VCR/DVD viewing stations, and CD/cassette listening stations. The LAC also maintains an extensive collection of analog and digital media as well as course-related software and self-study software.

The Center's staff assists faculty and instructors from the Department of Modern Languages in the integration of media into the instruction of language, literature, and culture. The LAC works intensively with language coordinators and instructors in the collection, development, and utilization of audio, video, and computer materials in the Center itself, in the classrooms, and in learners' individual study environments.

Online Catalogue

The full catalogue of our learning materials and resources may be found at External Link

LAC Hours

The current hours of operation for the Language Acquisition Center are as posted below.

Monday - Thursday 8:30A.M. - 5:00P.M.
Friday 8:30A.M. - 2:00P.M.
Monday - Friday 9:00A.M. - 2:00P.M.

Final Exams week

Monday - Friday 9:00A.M. - 12:00P.M.

Tutoring Hours

In cooperation with both the University Tutorial and Supplemental Instruction External Link program of the University College Learning Center External Link and the Department of Modern Languages the LAC now offers open tutoring sessions for students studying French and Spanish. Just come to Trimble Hall Room 303 during the hours posted below.

French Tutoring
Monday 11:00A.M. - 1:00P.M.
Wednesday 11:00A.M. - 1:00P.M.
Thursday 12:00P.M. - 1:00P.M.

Spanish Tutoring
Monday 10:00A.M. - 1:00P.M.
2:00P.M. - 3:00P.M.
Tuesday 12:00P.M. - 1:30P.M.
Wednesday 10:00A.M. - 1:00P.M.
2:00P.M. - 3:00P.M.
Thursday 12:00P.M. - 1:30P.M.
Friday 10:00P.M. - 1:00P.M.