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Master of Arts Degree in Modern Languages with Concentration in Spanish

Our graduate program offers a Master of Arts in Modern Languages with Concentration in Spanish.


Requirements for M. A.:

  • Admission Requirements: Those wishing to major in Spanish must upon admission have a baccalaureate degree with a major in that language or have a minimum of 18 advanced hours, or the equivalent in language proficiency and course content.
  • Options:
    • Thesis: A written comprehensive examination may be given in addition to the thesis at the discretion of the committee.
    • Non-thesis: A comprehensive written examination on coursework and an appropriate reading list.
  • Course Requirements:
    • MODL 5304 is required of all M. A. students in Spanish, preferably during their first year.
    • 1 (or 2) other MODL courses.
    • A minimum of 9 SPAN courses (27 hours) at the 5000 level. Students may be permitted to take three of these courses in other departments or as transfer credit if consistent with the MODL program.
  • Reading List:A comprehensive reading list covering Spanish and Latin American literatures and cultures, and Linguistics. Students may, in consultation with their committee, modify the list.
  • Written Examination:The Comprehensive examination for the M. A. in Modern Language (Spanish) is divided into six sessions given on three consecutive days. These sessions are three hours long and are given in groups arranged by century or by topic. In addition, each student is allowed one half-hour preparation time for each question.
  • For more information:

    • E-mail or Call the Graduate Advisor, Dr. Amy Austin, 817-272-5542.
    • Call the Department of Modern Languages: 817-272-3161.
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