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Prospective Students

Admission Information

Visit the UTA Admissions Web site external link for information about applying to the University.

Early Admission Program

The Early Admission Program (EAP) at the University of Texas at Arlington  external link is available to applicants who wish to begin their college education following their sophomore or junior year of high school.


UTA offers a number of scholarships and has a wealth of information on the UTA Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships Web site  external link.

Advanced Placement Program (AP)

UTA accepts advanced placement credit from students who have passed the AP exam in a language. For more information, consult the UTA University College: Advanced Placement   external link.

College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

Students may test out of the first four semesters of French, German, or Spanish by taking the CLEP exam. Upon passing the examination, students can opt to take credit and a grade or credit only.

For more information, consult UTA University College: College Level Examination Program (CLEP)  external link. Scroll down the page to find the charts of satisfactory scores and course credit. 

Students wishing to test out of one or more of the first four semesters of other languages should consult the Department of Modern Languages.

Alumni/Alumnae and What They Are Doing Now

Maribel Arneros graduated from UTA with a M.A in Modern Languages (Spanish) in Spring 2013. She is currently working as Senior Bilingual Editor of Spanish Communications at Mary Kay Corporation.

Holly Behl is a Master Licensed Court Interpreter, and also the founder and owner of Preciso Language Services, a Dallas-based company that offers professional Spanish translation and interpreting services. She received a B.A. in Spanish at UTA.

Jason Doroga received a B.A. in Spanish language and literature from the University of Dallas, an M.A. in Spanish from UTA, and is finishing a Ph.D. in Hispano-romance philology/linguistics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His scholarly interests include historical syntax and morphology, semantics and pragmatics, and Spanish/Portuguese contact and language acquisition. He is currently an assistant professor of Spanish at the Centre College (Kentucky).

Dr. Jason Killam is an assistant professor of Spanish in the Department of Foreign Languages at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania. He taught seven years of Spanish at the high school level in Texas before completing an M.A. in Spanish at UTA and a Ph.D. in Spanish Linguistics with a focus on Second Language Acquisition at Indiana University (Bloomington, IN) in 2011. His main research interests are in the fields of Variationist SLA and Sociolinguistics.

Nicole Lasswell graduated from UTA with an M.A. in Spanish in 2006, and that following year, she taught at both institutions, Coram Deo Private Academy and UTA, for one year. She is currently working as Affiliate Instructor of Spanish at the University of Dallas, where she teaches Spanish courses. She states in her website that "Her most recent academic interest is linguistics (more specifically sociolinguistics, dialectology, and second language acquisition), and she hopes to continue her studies in linguistics in the future."

Karla O'Donald received a B.A and M.A. in Spanish from the Dept. of Modern Languages at UTA. She has a teacher’s certification for secondary level in Spanish and History. She is currently working on her second Masters degree in Education at TCU focusing on Curriculum Studies. She is also working as a lecturer at the Dept. of Spanish and Hispanic Studies at TCU.

Teri Walker received a B.A. in Spanish in 1999 from UTA and is a leader in the field of non-profit education and community service in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Ms. Walker is currently the Executive Director of Reading and Radio Resource, a non-profit that helps to meet the special reading and information needs of people of all ages. She was previously the Executive Director of the Aberg Center for Literacy in Dallas.

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