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Frequently Asked Questions

    • What languages are offered?
      Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Korean, Russian, Portuguese, and Spanish

    • What degrees are offered?
      Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in French, German, Russian, and Spanish. We also offer B. A. in Modern Languages (you choose two languages) and a B.A. in French, German, and Spanish with Secondary Education Certification. Furthermore, we offer a Master of Arts (M.A.) in Modern Languages (with a specialization in either French or Spanish).

    • Do I have to have a minor?
      Yes, a minor is required for the degree unless you are doing the B.A. in Modern Languages or Secondary Education Certification.

    • How many hours constitute a major or a minor?
      Major: 38 semester hours (14 lower level hours and 24 advanced hours, of which nine must be at the 4000 level).
      Minor: 19 semester hours (excluding 1441), at least nine of which must be 3000/4000 level. (Note: For secondary certification a minimum of 14 lower level and 12 advanced hours, although if students major in the language, they must have 38 hours.)

    • Do I have to start at the beginning level?
      You do not have to start at the beginning level. If you have high school language or are a heritage/native speaker in a language, you may take the CLEP test at UTA Testing Services external link to determine where you should begin.

    • How do the placement tests work?
      Any student who wants to take a 1441 (first semester) class in Spanish, French, or German and who has had experience in the language in the last five years must take the placement test (CLEP test) before enrolling. When students take the placement test, they can receive up to 14 hours of credit and can choose to take the grade they receive or simply take the credit. Thus, if a student receives a grade of "A" for 1441-2313, and a grade of "C" for 2314, then that student can receive 11 hours of "A" and 3 hours of credit, thus not adversely affecting his/her GPA. For detailed information about placement tests please see UTA Testing Services Placement Tests  external link or call 817.272.2362.

    • What are the high school equivalents to college courses?
      The "general rule" is that one year of high school is equivalent to one semester of college language. A student with 4 years of high school foreign language should theoretically be able to begin at the advanced (3000 level).
      First year high school = 1441;
      Second year high school = 1442;
      Third year high school = 2313; and
      Fourth year high school = 2314

    • Will my credits transfer from another college?
      Most courses will transfer from another college in some way or other as long as you have received a "C" or better as the grade. You can check several colleges for equivalent transfers from the UTA Admissions Transfer Equivalency  external link Web page.

    • Will my AP credits count towards a degree?
      AP credits will need to be submitted to UTA Testing Services  external link to determine how credit will be applied.

    • How long will it take to get a degree?
      How long the degree will take will depend on the individual student and what kind of course load he/she carries each semester and/or if he/she plans to attend summer sessions. Night students may take a little longer since not all courses are offered at night. The fact that not all languages offer courses at night will need to be taken into consideration before deciding your major. A degree (128 hours) can be completed in four years in the Fall and Spring semesters by taking at least 16 hours each semester.

    • What can I do with a degree in a Modern Language?
      There are sites mentioned on the Department of Modern Languages Web site as well as many on the Internet that will give you information on what types of job opportunities are available for those with a language background.

    • Where can I get tutoring help?
      Contact SOAR  external link (Students Obtaining Academic Readiness) for tutoring.

    • Does the Department of Modern Languages offer translation services?
      Although the department itself does not provide translation services, we will post requests for translation in the department.