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Biomaterials Laboratory

The Biomaterials Laboratory is focused on developing both soft and hard bioactive biomaterials for applications ranging from drug delivery, tissue engineering, structural and orthopedic applications. Recent projects have focused on:

  • Development of Hydroxyapatite reinforced poly ethylene composites for structural applications
  • Development of Hydroxyapatite coated substrates by electrophoretic deposition for orthopedic applications
  • Development of Scaffolds of Poly L-Lactic acid with microchannels using Hot Embossing techniques for drug delivery applications
  • Development of PLLA-PGA blends using microwave methods
  • Microwave sythesis of Poly L-Lactic acid
  • Development of Bioglass-Hydroxyapatite composites for orthopedic and tissue engineering applications
  • Development of 3D interconnected PLLA=PVA scaffolds for applications that include drug delivery and tissue engineering


  • Pranesh B. Aswath, Ph.D. Professor and Associate Chair


  • Kytai Nguyen Ph.D. (Assoc. Prof. Bioengineering)
  • Liping Tang Ph.D. (Asst. Professor, Bioengineering)
  • Panayotis Shiakolas Ph.D. (Assoc. Prof. Mechanical Engineering)


Center for Convergent Biotechnology Advanaced Technology Program (THECB)

Graduate students

  • Ms. Hande Demirkiran (Ph. D.)
  • Mr. Mayur Uttarwar (M.S.)

Alumni of Group Hot Embossed PLLA with Microchannels

  • Dr. Anurag Pandey (Chemica Corp)
  • Mr. Eric Jan (Independent Business)
  • Mr. Sazzadur Rahaman (U. Nevada-Reno)


Biomaterial Synthesis

  • High speed homogenized for colloidal processing
  • High temperature furnaces for sintering bioceramics.
  • Ball mills to develop powders of biocermaics.
  • 2.4 GHz Microwave for synthesis.
  • Freeze dry system (Homebuilt)


  • MAHR Perthometer stylus profilometer
  • Leco Microhardness tester
  • Perkin Elmer DSC-7, TGA-7 Thermal analysis system.
  • Steromciroscope with high resolution camera.
  • Multi-technique characterization at MSE Central Characterization.

Selected Publications

  • Nanotopography: Cellular Response to Nanostructured Materials, Rammohan Kriparamanan, Pranesh Aswath, Anhong Zhou, Liping Tang and Kytai Nguyen, Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 6, 1905-1919 (2006).
  • Physical and Mechanical Behavior of Hot rolled HDPE/HA composites, Anurag Pandey, Eric Jan and Pranesh Aswath, Journal of Materials Science 41(11), 3369-3376 (2006).
  • Microwave synthesis of Poly L-Lactic Acid and Polyglycolic Acid Blends, Anurag Pandey, Girish C. Pandey and Pranesh Aswath, Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Medicine (2006) (in press).
  • Silver/Hydroxyapatite Composite Coatings by Occlusion Electrodeposition Technique, Sazzadur Rahaman, Pranesh Aswath and Krishnan Rajeshwar, Journal of Materials Science (2006) (in review).
  • Hot Embossing of Poly L-Lactic Acid Substrates for Biomedical Applications, Anurag Pandey, Sunil Belligondu, Panayotis Shiakolas, and Pranesh Aswath, Journal of Biomedical Materials Research-Applied Biomaterials (2006) (in review)
  • Role of mineralizers on the hexacelsian to celsian transformation in the barium aluminosilicate (BAS ) system, K.T. Lee and P,B. Aswath, Mater. Sci. & Engr A 352(1-2) 1-7 (2003).