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Electronic Materials Laboratory

Research Activities

Reliability assessment of Cu/low-k interconnects for future technology nodes.
The success of the current and future microelectronic technology hinges greatly on the reliable integration of low-k dielectrics in Cu interconnection structure. EML is trying to identify and understand the mechanism of reliability failures and also to find a way to remove the threats. Research in this area includes the study of electromigration, barrier failure mechanism, and low-k stability. Also studied is the development of metrology that can detect the presence of such threats. This research is supported by SRC and Texas-ATP grant.
Controlled grain growth of Cu interconnects
This project aims to find a practical way of resolving so called the "size effect" in the resistivity of Cu interconnects. It is a common anticipation that the electrical resistivity of Cu interconnects will be excessively high to be used at nanoscale technology nodes. Unlike all the other research groups in this field, we are taking alternative but practical approach to the problem, that is to induce grains to grow far beyond their usual limit and thereby reduces the resistivity. This research is supported by SRC grant.
Design and development of quantum-dot embedded nanocomposite particles for bioimaging
One of the upcoming applications of the quantum-dot is the bioimaging by utilizing its strong florescence property. In this project, we are taking extra steps in making such materials. We are developing ways to tune the wavelength of the florescence and also to make them in more efficient manner than the conventional. This research is jointly conducted with Prof. Han at MAE/UTA and supported by Texas-ARP grant.


  • Choong-Un Kim, Ph.D. Professor & Graduate Advisor
  • Post-doc: Woong-Ho Bang, PhD.

Graduate students

  • D. M. Meng (Ph. D.)
  • S. Chen (Ph. D.)
  • J. Y. Kim (Ph. D.)

Undergraduate students

  • Andrew Howard
  • Teresa Frisky

Facilities and Equipment

  • Reliability testing
    • Electromigration testing setup (400 DUTs)
    • 4-point bender for solder fatigue and shear strength testing.
    • Voltammetry metrology setup.
    • General corrosion testing and galvanic corrosion testing.
    • Mid-IR spectroscopy for scribe-seal failure.
  • Processing
    • Solder processing facility
    • Directional annealing facility