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R&D in the Oilfield: Technical Challenges in Unconventionals

February 23, 2018 | 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM
Nedderman Hall 108 | Seminar Flyer

Seminar Speaker

Dr. Megen Maginot

Optimization Engineer, ConocoPhillips; Houston, Texas


While the oil industry is a relatively mature industry, the recent boom in unconventional reservoir exploration has created exciting new opportunities for research and development in Oil & Gas. The unique challenges in drilling, completion, and production of these unconventional fields in conjunction with the rise of inexpensive, robust instrumentation has led to a significant increase in research and development interest from the Oil & Gas sector.

In this talk, an insider perspective to major topics of interest within the industry will be shared along with a more detailed look at how a technical background can be a useful foundation for both the technical and non-technical challenges in problem solving, limiting environmental impact, and advancing the technical limit from a boots-on-the-ground role.


Dr. Megen Maginot graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington in the Materials Science and Engineering Department. In 2014, she joined ConocoPhillips and currently works as an Optimization Engineer. Her current research interests include production chemicals for flow assurance in upstream activities, corrosion modelling in light condensate fields, and big data analytics and machine learning for use in drilling and completions activities.