Employment: Master of Science in Marketing Research

Internship Info for Employers

The University of Texas at Arlington offers a Master of Science in Marketing Research (MSMR) degree. The program attracts outstanding students from all over the world. Admission standards are comparable to Ph.D. entrance requirements in major universities.

An integral part of each student’s curriculum is an internship in the real world of marketing research, as practiced in business and industry. Students are required to spend a minimum of 12 weeks full-time (or the equivalent part-time) as an intern in a research company, advertising agency, or corporation, to fulfill their degree requirements. The amount of compensation depends upon the student’s background and experience.

Benefits to Employers

Because students cannot enroll for the internship until they have completed at least four advanced courses (there are ten total), employers may expect interns to be capable of productive contributions from the start. The internship also gives the employer an opportunity to get to know a prospective permanent employee at very close hand; if the company hires the intern after he or she graduates, there will be no surprises. Moreover, if the hire is made after the internship experience, the employee is already fully familiar with the employer’s culture and ways of doing business, so there is less unproductive time, which would be at a higher cost than the lower intern salary.

Employer’s Obligations

Employer Appraisal of MSMR Intern Form.doc (Word Document)

Employer Appraisal of MSMR Intern Form.pdf (Editable PDF)

The employer assumes more of an oversight obligation than it might with a graduated student. The interns need support and guidance from those for and with whom they work in order to be maximally effective.

The internship should expose the student to a variety of work experiences in marketing research. Ideally, at some point in the internship the student will be given sole or primary responsibility for a project or a major part of a project. Finally, the employer is asked to evaluate the intern’s performance in the position, both for feedback to the student and for review and grading purposes by the internship coordinator.


For additional information about the MSMR internship program, please contact the internship coordinator, Dr. Robert Rogers. Dr. Rogers is also the MSMR Program Director and graduate advisor.