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Recent Speakers

Professional Development Seminars (PDS), Fall 2006

August 31
Ginger Lindsey, Ginger Lindsey & Associates, Inc.
Managing Your Career I: Finding the Right Job

September 7
Merrill Dubrow, M/A/R/C Research
Chris Wallace, e-Rewards Market Research
Managing Your Career I: Pros and Cons From The Supplier and Client Perspective

September 14
Jerry Thomas, Decision Analyst, Inc.
Managing Your Career I: Managing Your Career

September 21
Pam Galley, Sabre Holdings Corp.
Presenting Yourself: The Interview Process

September 28
Cliff Garinn, Career Services
Bill Fenson, Career Services
Presenting Yourself: Interview Preparation and Role Playing

October 2
Kay White, Decision Analysts, Inc.
Presenting Yourself: Networking as a Critical Component to a Successful Career

October 4 and 5
MSMR Advisory Board Meetings – Practice What We Preach

October 12
Cliff Garinn, Career Services
Bill Fenson, Career Services
Managing Your Career II: The Social Graces

Professional Development Seminars (PDS), Fall 2006

September 8
Chris Hauck, Lynx Research Consulting
The Pros and Cons of Working for A Research Supplier (PowerPoint)

September 15
Chris Wallace, BNSF
The Pros and Cons of Working for Client Side

September 22
Cliff Garinn, UTA Career Services
The Interviewing Process: Do’s and Don’ts (PowerPoint)

October 6
Bill Fenson, UTA Career Services
Role Playing the Interview

October 13
Ginger Lindsey, Ginger Lindsey and Associates, Inc.
Finding the Right Job (PowerPoint)

October 20
Tim Gohmann, Ph.D, Decision Analyst
Internships, the beginning of your career

October 27
Loretta Hudelot, Brinker International
Managing Your Career in Marketing Research

November 3
Kay White, Decision Analyst
Preparing for the Interview

Educational Events Speaker, Spring 2005

April 18
Sharon Munger, Former President
M/A/R/C Research
Project Management at MARC (PowerPoint)

January 31
Merrill Dubrow, CEO & President
M/A/R/C Research
Where in the World Are We (PowerPoint)

Professional Development Seminars (PDS), Fall 2004

December 3
Pete Sorenson
Ginkgo Enterprises
Being Effective in the Consulting Process and Role (PowerPoint)

November 12
Steve Lavine
Common Knowledge
“Managing Field Work”

January 31
Bob Graham, RadioShack
Joe Welch, Syndics Research
The RFP Process (PowerPoint)
Compare-O-Matic (Word doc)

October 29
Don Winspear
Crescent Research
“Starting and Running Your Own Marketing Research Firm”

October 15
Loretta Hudelot, Brinker International
Eric Smuda, Market Strategies
“Managing Your Career in Marketing Research”

September 17
Royce Herndon
RDH Associates
“Effective Presentations”

September 3
Kay White
M/A/R/C Research
“Preparing for the Interview”