Costs and Financial Aid

Q: How much will it cost to attend the MSMR program at UTA?
A: Total program cost depends on how many courses a student takes each semester and on how many courses he or she takes in total. For the MSMR advanced courses only (37 semester-credit-hours), the total tuition-and-fees costs for different types of students, based on fall 2005 rates, are as follows:

Status Total Tuition and Fees
Texas resident* $9667.31
Non-resident U.S. citizen $19,879.31
International student $20,204.31

(*A student is classified as a Texas resident if he or she has been employed in Texas for at least 12 months prior to enrolling at UTA.)

These costs are for a student who begins the program in fall 2005 and takes three courses in each semester, to the extent that advanced MSMR courses are available (9 hours in fall 2005, 9 in spring 2006, 6 in summer 2006 [including the first internship course], 7 in fall 2006, and 6 in spring 2007). They are based on rates in effect for fall 2005. Course schedules that differ from this pattern will have slightly different tuition costs.

As noted above, these costs apply only to the advanced MSMR courses. Any foundation courses (of which there are ten, for 30 semester-hours) that cannot be waived will add to the total cost. Any foundation course may be waived if the applicant has earned a grade of B or better in an equivalent course at either the undergraduate or graduate level. The tuition cost for foundation courses is the same as that for other graduate courses: $854.99 per 3-hour course for Texas residents, $1,747.99 per 3-hour course for non-residents (as of fall 2005).

To the tuition and fees expense must be added the cost of books, local transportation, living expenses, etc. As a reference point, the Graduate School estimates that an unmarried international student will need $28,900 for 12 months. (This does not include the cost of travel between the student’s home country and Arlington.)

Q: What kinds of financial aid are available for students in the MSMR program?
A: The main source of financial aid is scholarships funded by companies on the MSMR Advisory Board. There are also a very limited number of graduate teaching assistantships (four in fall 2005), a few other kinds of scholarships, and some loan sources. More significant is the opportunity for paid work on marketing-research projects conducted by the Marketing Department’s Research Center. All of these sources are described in greater detail in separate sections below.

Q: Are there other scholarships offered by UTA?
A: Yes, there are Graduate School fellowships, each for $1,000, but they go to students nominated by department/program admissions officers. Students may not apply for them. Typically the MSMR program has two of these to use to try to attract outstanding applicants.

Q: Are there other scholarships available to MSMR students?
A: Yes, there are a number of different scholarships available to graduate students at UTA. Go to Graduate Scholarships or see “Financial Aid Resources” at Information for Prospective Students.

Q: What about loans?
A: See Information for Prospective Students.

Q: What about graduate teaching assistantships?
A: We have very limited graduate teaching assistantship resources, and it would not be wise to base a decision to attend UTA on obtaining an assistantship. There are a very limited number of openings for GTAs in the Marketing Department that are available to MSMR students, each of which pays $6,000 for nine months, plus health-care benefits, for 20 hours of work per week. They are highly competitive. International students who wish to apply for an assistantship must pass the UTA-administered Spoken English Assessment with a score of 45 or better.

If you wish to be considered for one of these, please download, print, fill in, and return the GTA application form (Word doc).

Q: What are the opportunities for student employment?
A: There are number of on-campus employment opportunities which are open to all students, U.S. and international. For more information about these, you should contact Student Employment Services on the first floor of the University Center (817-272-2895). There are also many traditional employment opportunities in the DFW Metroplex, including some in marketing research. These are open only to U.S. citizens or international students who have work permits.

Q: Can you say more about the work available through the Research Center?
A: Part-time work is available for all MSMR students through the Marketing Department’s Research Center. The center is headed by a student who is an officer of the Marketing Research Graduate Student Association (MRGSA). It solicits work from external and internal clients, prepares proposals, and staffs and executes the projects using MSMR students who are members of the MRGSA. Students may work up to 20 hours per week on Research Center projects. GTAs are not allowed to work on projects except in the summer. Because the work is administered by a unit of the university, international students are permitted to work on projects as part-time employees of the university.